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Peter Saenger

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1967 – 1971 BA Fine Arts/Ceramics, Wittenberg University, Springfield, Ohio



1979 – Full-time potter/sculptor



Peter Saenger is known for the production of minimalist cast porcelain forms fired in an electric kiln. Forms include nesting vessel sets often consisting of teapots, mugs, sugar bowls, creamers, and vases. This body of work is made in open editions and focused on objects that fit together to create one complete piece out of several components.  A second body of work, Sanger’s studio work, is sculptural. In this case Saenger fabricates layers of random porcelain thread-like mats pressed into pre-selected sections of different molds.  The mats are then removed from the mold sections, formed into a unique openwork vessel form and fired. Each fired piece is a one-of-a-kind vessel referenced sculpture.

Saenger began wheel throwing individual functional objects but moved to mold design and slip casting to make his open editions production work. The use of molds evolved into Saenger’s sculptural studio work.



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Drouin, Brian, “A potter since the 70’s, Delaware artist Peter Saenger’s work is out of this world,” WHYY, May 23, 2016. Last accessed: 17 December 2021.  A potter since the 70's, Delaware artist Peter Saenger's work is out of this world [video + pictures] - WHYY

Saenger, Peter, “Time-of Use Rates,” Studio Potter, 15, no. 1 (December 1986) . Last accessed: 17 December 2021.   Digital Issue: Ram Press - Vol. 15 No.1 | Studio Potter




Center for CraftCenter For Craft



AMOCA American Museum of Ceramic ArtAMOCA American Museum of Ceramic Art


Typical Marks

“Saenger” at the base, often occuring on each piece of a set.

Service for One aka. Tea for You
Date: ca 1990-1993
Materials: Porcelain
Method: Slip Cast
Surface Technique: Glaze
American Museum of Ceramic Art 2004.2.46, gift of American Ceramic Society
American Museum of Ceramic Art 2004.2.46, gift of American Ceramic Society

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