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Ann E Ruel

Biography to Display: 

1964 Born Virginia


1986 BS Radford University, Radford, Virginia

1992-1996 Virginia Western Community College, Roanoke, Virginia

2003-2006Tyler Junior College, Tyler, Texas

      2004-2006   University of Texas, Tyler, Texas



2008—Owner, Operator, and Potter, Little Street Pottery, Suffolk, Virginia

2012 Volunteer, Pottery Studio at Visual Arts Center, Tidewater College, Norfolk, Virginia

2014—Pottery Instructor and Workshop Presenter, City of Norfolk, Virginia


Ann Ruel is known for porcelain functional wares.  Surface treatments include under and over glazing, hand drawing, sgraffito or slip trailing.

The images she paints on her works are drawn from nature and typically include birds, bees, and flowers. These images may be used with those of a man-made object.

Ruel says of her choice of functional forms, “It is fitting that I gravitate toward functional pottery as the traits of purpose, responsibility and province are very highly valued traits in my family.”


Bibliography to Display: 

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Artist's Studio: Little Street Pottery


Typical Marks

“On earlier work I would impress a stamp with initials "AR". Work beginning mid 2017 I began using the image of a leaf painted onto the bottom of the work using underglaze with the initials "AR" in the center of the leaf.” Ann Ruel 04-2018

Materials: Porcelain
Method: Thrown
Surface Technique: Overglaze, Sgraffito, Slip Trailing, Underglaze
Photo: Artist
Photo: Artist
Photo: Artist

Citation: Clark, Donald. "The Marks Project." Last modified April 5, 2023.