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MaryJane Findley

Biography to Display: 

Born, Illinois


BA North Texas State University, Denton, Texas

Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, Illinois



MaryJane Findley works with slabs and coils to make sculptures and vessels with surfaces that reference the textures of trees and of underwater life. She uses her own formula for a copper/verdigris glaze as well as other glazes that accentuate the lumps, bumps and imperfections of the finished surface.


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Source: Artist

Artist's Studio: Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts


Typical Marks

“MjF” with exagerated J form, coming back across to form a line under the two letters, forming the “f”. Often year created is also carved. Other forms include “MaryJane” spelled out, with a date; and an “MJF” circular stamp, the “F” formed from the “J”.

Still Standing Mountain Vase
Method: Slab-Built, Coiled
Surface Technique: Glaze
Memory of a Tree Vase
Method: Slab-Built, Coiled
Surface Technique: Glaze

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