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Gordon Batten

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1983-1995 Potter at Riverwood Pottery, Dillsboro, North Carolina

Two Rivers Studio, Dillsboro, North Carolina


Gordon Batten worked as a production potter at Riverwood Pottery before establishing Two Rivers Studio. His interest in building and architecture led him to create hand crafted sinks which became a common form for Batten.  Functional wares, particularly dinnerware, round out Batten’s practice. His plates may be wheel thrown or slab molded. In both cases this work is characterized by torn edges added while the clay is leather hard. The works are finished with a variety of decorative techniques including stamped, fine brush drawn elements and broad application of glazes.


Artist's Studio: Two Rivers Studio



Center for CraftSouthern Highland Craft Guild



Center for CraftCenter For Craft


Typical Marks
Materials: Stoneware
Method: Hand Built
Surface Technique: Glaze

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